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Our History

Doltek Enterprises Inc. was purchased by Mark & Donna Schroeder in 1986, at the time is was a very small dowel manufacturing operation with just one employee. “Donna and I scraped together everything we had to purchase the business and within a month we thought we were going to lose it all! The water level in the lakeshore area peaked to the highest ever levels and our building which sat near the river completely flooded, but we pumped it out got our machines back up and running and persevered, and the most amazing part of it all is that single employee is still with us today. She never left us and has been her now 33 years.”

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33 years later we are a much different operation with around 40 full time employees. Over the years we evolved from dowels to solid wood component parts to the furniture industry and on to panel processing. Our primary areas of expertise now are Office furniture manufacturing, Architectural Millwork and custom retail fixtures.

Versatile is a privately held company owned and operated by the Schroeder family. The company is led by Mark Schroeder the owner and President. Mark’s children are all involved in the business either in day to day operations or ancillary support. Versatile prides itself in being debt free operation. We own the land, we own our buildings, and all of our equipment is new and fully paid for. We invest our profits back into our facility each and every year in the form of building expansions, new machinery, and additional land purchases. We have positioned Versatile for growth, and intended to be a longstanding member of the community providing good jobs, and delivering quality products to our customers.